Different Ideas To Wear Kurtis

Trends in fashion always transformed. From women’s apparels to accessories and from jewelry to shoes, everything rise and fall rapidly. Every Fashionista wants to experiment with her look for all the time. Manufacturer of women’s clothing bring out new designs and patterns on daily basis. There is an only outfit that has not been out of fashion, Kurtis. Ladies Kurtis are very popular because of their versatile outstanding look they offer.

Designer kurtis can be accessorized with choice of stuffs. A woman may appear traditional, indo western and trendy wearing kurtis. Girls may choose to wear kurti for many occasions. There are many ways to wear a kurtis.

With Leggings and Patiala

The most wearing pair is kurti with leggings. You can wear knee length and long kurti with matching leggings to complete the look. Nowadays, leggings come in a varied material, length and self prints. This matchup suits on every age group of women and also ideal for every occasion. A perfect pair of legging and kurti makes wearer to look stunning. The outfit is also can be paired with Patiala and dhoti salwar for perfect ethnic appeal.

 kurti leggingsWith Jeans

Kurti and jeans is mostly worn by mid-age women and college girls. This is the most suitable and comfortable pair for casual outing and college wear. Hem length and hip length kurtis go well with skinny and fitted denims. Black and blue denim can be easily matched with any kurtis.

kurti jeansWith Shorts

If you are a trendy and modish, this pair is the best dress for you. Formal print waist length loose kurti tunic look cool while paired with shorts. A pair makes girl to appear stylish and trendy.

kurti with shortsWith Skirts

Long, short and mid-length skirt looks good with kurti. Just you need to consider a length of kurti before making a pair. Short skirt may make perfect pair with only short kurti while long skirt can be paired with short and waist length kurti.

kurti skirtWith Tights and Jeggings

Today, kurtis are also partnered with jeggings and tights. This twosome makes wearer to look slim and trim. Knee length kurti goes well with toning jeggings. You can wear short and knee length kurtis with jeggings for perfect combination.

kurti jeggingAs a Dress

The pleased thing about kurti is, you can wear designer kurti as a dress. Today, you can find many frock style kurti tunic. A fashionable women and girls may wear kurti as a dress for college parties, while going with friends and on many social functions.

kurti dress

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One Response to Different Ideas To Wear Kurtis

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