What Should You Need To Know About Wearing Kurti?

kurtis wearing guide

Kurti is Indian Tunic and always in vogue. It is the perfect combination of style, fashion and comfort. It suits on all age groups of women and also ideal for any occasions. Girls wear it with kinds of bottoms for regular college.  Working women prefer to wear kurti for office while it is also much loved by housewives.

Tips to Wear Kurti


tips to wear kurti

  • Make perfect pair, don’t pair long or knee length kurti with boot cut pant and jeans.
  • Long kurti goes well with tight skinny jeans, trouser and legging.
  • Short and waist length kurti look good on boot cut pants.


how to pair kurti

  • Avoid wearing embroidered and patterned kurti over patterned jeans, pant and trouser.
  • Plain kurti or kurta can be paired with patterned bottom.
  • Embellished kurti go well on plain legging, churidar and jeggings.


kurti wearing guide

  • Always, try to maintain colors while choosing bottoms for kurti. Choose lighter color legging or jeans for dark colored kurti.
  • Do not wear same color kurti with the same colored bottom. It makes you look unattractive.
  • For eye-catching look, you should wear contrast colored bottom.


short kurti with skirt

  • Short kurti looks good on the skirt but you should not wear long kurti with a skirt.
  • A pair of Embellished kurti and beautiful adorned skirt gives classy and rich look to the wearer.
  • Carry stole dupatta or scarf with a pair of kurti and skirt for a smarty and beautiful look.


kurti guide

  • Wear heels with kalidar or Anarkali style kurti for stylish and fashionable appeal. It is the perfect look for party occasions.
  • Flats go well with a pair of tight jeans and kurti. That makes you look cool and modish. College girls and working women prefer to this style.

Those some things you should recognize before wearing kurti. If kurti can be accessorized with right bottom, jewelry, shoes and other accessories, definitely makes you look stunning.

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4 Responses to What Should You Need To Know About Wearing Kurti?

  1. Emma says:

    Can we wear short kurti with formal trousers?

  2. Pooja Ghose says:

    how do i wear a plain blue kurti? which colour leggings will go with it?

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