Create Indo Western Look Wearing Kurti with Stole

kurti with stole

There is the latest fashion of Kurti with stole and scarf. The scarf is shorter in length as compared to stole, but both are in vogue. Earlier these were worn as upper garment, which was entitled as “Peetamber”. These were worn by kings, noble people and priests in the times of yore. But now, these are used as a fashion accessory.

Scarf and stole is the most flexible and functional accessory for women. It completes the outfits, other side it used to cover the head and neck and protects you against unfriendly sun burn, dust and cold winter warmth. As they are coming in a choice of sizes, shapes and materials, you can wear in all occasions and seasons.

Kurti is much in fashion today as you know but kurti with stole is hottest style. Stole and scarf is going well all styles and types of kurtis. It looks good on a pair of short kurti and skirt or jeans. You can create indo western look wearing designer kurti with stole and scarf.

Jacket Style Kurti

It is worn by all age groups of women. Kurti with scarfs are more favored by college girls and stole become favorite among the working women. Housewives used it as dupatta.

There are multiple ways of wearing a scarf over Kurti. You can wear it with kurti as dupatta style around the neck. You can put it on the head look like Safa. Wrap it around the bottom like a belt.

Go chic and stylish wearing a scarf or stole with Kurti.

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