Angrakha or Kediya Style Kurti for Ethnic Appeal

Angrakha Kurti

Kurtis, the Indian tunics are much in vogue today. There is an array of styles and patterns kurtis available at online fashion market, one of them is “Angrakha Style”. It is enormously popular among women and girls.

Angrakha or Kediya pattern is actually Rajasthani style of dressing, generally worn by men. This style of kurti has two flutters which are lying on each other and tied by the strings. The flutters can be beautifully embellished with embroidery, patchwork, beads, sequins, stones etc. while they are simply edged with contrasting shades. The embroidered Kediya kurti is a just right choice for wedding or party occasions.

You can carry sober to the heavy look as Angrakha kurtis come in a variety. They look extremely graceful and pretty and also can be carried on any occasions. They are made of various fabrics such as cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, brocade and many more. You can opt them for regular college, office wear, small get-to-gather and parties.

Kediya Kurti

They are going well with leggings, patiala, churidar and jeans but you should make a choice for bottom according to the kurti length. You can come across various sizes of lengths, from hip length to knee length and from hem length to ankle length. Calf length Angrakha kurti over leggings or tight churidar looks good on heighted women. You can pair waist length kurti with pretty skirt.

Add Angrakha or Kediya kurti to your wardrobe collection for a fashionable and stylish look. Now, you can easily buy new design and pattern kurtis from online at most reasonable prices.

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